Friday, April 8


ohh friends,i just awake,now is 6.54 am,morning time.morning worlds,give a world a smile....:))alright,tomorrow will be smooth as easier..:)a friend introduced to me and view it..a meaning love answers..
click and view it ..
sometimes when i say ''i'm okay'' ,i want someone to look me in the eyes,hug me tight  and say ''I KNOW YOU ARE NOT''
even if you no matter how hurt yourself,and don't let the rest of the people to give up you and leave you.
remember that.

SUNDAY 030411 imma be single,we are break up..but we love each other also..reason of break up?every argument..we really don't like every argument..-so hurt-

TUESDAY 050411 his friends at fb chat box find me chat ,asked me what happen to him and i and he look so down this few days and stay at home ..i answer heart hurts to see him like that,everyday we argument,but we love each other...... middle of the night this day,about 4 o'clock  my phone suddenly rang,its him,i paused for a new days and i pick up and answer the phone..his voice is different with the usual,i was very strange and asked him,but he always said nothing nothing,then i asked him "u cry izit?u sick izit?"he did not say anything..finally i know what's the answer. he suddenly woke up..and he looked at our pic and listen to my favorite song..when i hear it my tears flow out..i'm very sad that he so..yea,i love him deeply .

WEDNESDAY 060411 this day,he was fever,when i saw him,my heart is fucking pain like hell!why?!he face look like languish..that's why my heart its pain.that night,i stay at his home to take care of him till next day..sick and stomachache like hell,he cannot sleep,stomachache till call my name and called pain,more pain in my heart and i cried and hug him..the next morning,pale face,his stomach pain to,his mom and his sis take him to the clinic immediately,the first ans second clinics sudah boleh TUTUP lah!open the fucking door but without doctor!ishh. the third clinic have doctor finally..ass injection he had..too bad..he shy and pain, i at there curi curi smile :P hehee,after packet of noodles and back to his home..he don't like to take medicine!!when he "enjoys" medicine he like a kid ,cuttiiie :P 

read it patiently,this is my interaction with him after breaking up..
i'm okay,no worries..
click to listen. that should be me

Wednesday, March 30

new pic.

new picture here..

hair style look like him..LOL

bad decisions,that's alright.
welcome to my SILLY LIFE.

and if it all falls apart.
i will know deep in my heart.
the only dream that mattered had come true.
in this life.
i was loved by you

Friday, March 25

my stupid short hair.

last monday watch movie with my hub and friends , that's movie RANGO.all couple picture on my hub phone again,cannot upload picture also.anyway,next post i will upload those picture.suddenly i found a stupid picture in my computer :x your just automatic ignore my beach pants :S a few days ago shoot geh..

well,today i cut my hair , amazing,i cut a short hair o.O i am a little regret,now i just want my hair longer quickly,huuuuu,:)but my hub macam not very like this stupid hair :(OMG !show my short hair 
tell me,which picture more beautiful ?
excuse me ,i beg you all,don't always asked me "lei shao zoh mat yeh chi gek",i cut my hair cause my hair was broken already ,that's why i cut short hair ,thanks you all,don't ask me again :D recently i fell in love with these song,introduce to you :)
alicia keys-if i ain't got you
shontelle-perfect nightmare
these song is farkingggg NICE !you can click it and hear it :)its really nice one.

Saturday, March 19


first time i saw a shit at this world? i'm so sorry lo pls !isit u find my hub first okay?very want face?haha, dun make me ridicule you  lah pls .omgg !always keep chat with he's friend ?omgg ?all just hate you lah,dun always disturb other people ,their just fu him you only , are you saw it?!keep back your strength lo :)disgusting~~~u make me despise on u :)i'm not saying who ,if u feet that is u , yea ,u just come admission it :DD
别说我不领情,是你自己作践自己 。

Friday, March 18

movie days .

reach home ,finally.. alright ,just back from midvalley with hub and friends..we go midwalley for what?ofcourse watch movie lah,we watch the world invasion , wow , i can say for this movie its freaking nice and cool one !!recommend this movie,go watch go watch..what you waiting for ?fast go online booking ticket lah xDmuahahhaha ,very stimulating that.

we reach the midvalley about 11pm ,and at there meet friends.before watch movie we go to台湾小吃 having dinner,but , ah zhu very funny lo !! he don't want eat 台湾小吃he wanna eat 台湾大吃-.-stupid he ,he is a friendly and funny guys la  ..hehee .let your see he stupid face ,hiek.

stupid face, right?-.- 
after that, they reach already and come meet us,have chyan lih ,isaac,amber,amber sis,they are really friendly guys.:)

this is my hub lah , he very handsome lah , i know that :)when he enjoy he's dinner,i candid pic x)

next is me lah , hiek,my sis shoot geh ><

finish dinner ,then in cinema lo,so cold lah, hehee.11.30-1.30am .finish movie we go bangsa yamcha :)before back midvalley , at toilet .take picture with sis :)ignore my panda eyes ,ishh

got abit blur,so sorry .

okayss,my hub asked me go sleep already ,stop update go sleep :)and i want shared somethings, my hub and me chat topic :x let's see:)
my hub :pretty bi
me :hiek,i know i pretty.__.
my hub :hahaha!
me :isit?
my hub're right!
me : hahahhahahah,lam sei lo wei!
LOL , i'm freaking so zilian :)hahah, anyway ..

i wanna say , i delete my bloggie chatbox already , reason ? cause many pity cheap dog at my chatbox bark , thats why i delete :)
good night all , its time to bed :)

next target -> BLACKBERRY BOLD 9520
when can i get it ? T^T

Thursday, March 17


hehee .i'm awake morning guys.i update a short post here .now i at my hubby house now .because yesterday i stay my hub house.
i'm thinking next station want go where ?erhhh.. any idea ?omgg, he said he love me o.O hiek hiek hiek..i cannot upload our picha ..stpd usb at carr lo .lazy out for take ~.~ anyway , when i back my home i will upload our pic,okayyy, wait again @@ sorry guys ,upload my picture first ,view it . :)
what's wrong to my face ?

*wait me back,i'll continue update :)
*i'm back ,continue------

first , now i want update genting post :)cause i get the photo from my hub .last friday march15 , my hub proposed to genting,but ...we consider a long time ,finally...we went to genting.12am we start to go there ,but.we just go over there at 2am ,omgg@@cause we labyrinth ;(anyway .
so cold at there ,chui chui feng with hub , so sweet :)he hold my hand and walked ,sweet life.
after that,we find a starbucks shop and enjoy the starbucks :)here are the picture .
letf is mine , right is him geh :)
when i get this startbucks , my hand can feel that so hot :x ishh..

i and the startbucks .

that's me , ehh ?how u look for this ?

capture by hub aj :)

hey ,my handsome hub <3

sangat lenqzai right?wanna kao ?OMG ! so sorry,cannot :)he's mine x)
finish startbucks , about 4am we back home from genting .this day also stay at my hub house :)good good .
before back.

he is driving car lah !!

next post here .
yesterday march17 stay at my hub house also,good that,second day , when we wake up ,first thing , bath time :)hiek after finish bath when i come out i see my hub , stupid he ! playing fb sot game -.- i wanna kill him , he so bad, always smash other people thing's !! i hope tomorrow when he saw he's fb game ,he's thing also let people smashed .:D muhahahahhahahha , GOOD .

it's me

At night ,we(auntie,auntie's bf ,claudia,me and my hub) give a surprise to him sis's bf ,cause today he's birthday :)that time have funny things, i cannot stop the laugh !!omgg ,video at camera , cannot upload ;( anyway , happy birthday to him :)
we all enjoy the cake and chivas :) my hub and my face like an apple , lol .'
my crazy hubby :P
omgness !!

about 1am , i reach my home le , sweet home sweet lah  i love my hubby ,he's mine , my only one,seriously :)he said he love me o.O hehee,alright , i love my hub also ,in a few days , i and my hub needed a haircut ,wait my  new style hair ..and tomorrow movie with my hub .sleep times , good night all . 

Wednesday, March 16

omgg, wait me wait me , just wait me !!

are u see the tittle ? 
hiek hiek hiek 

omgg , my all friends , just wait me :)
wait me for ?
of course wait my genting&melaka&movie post .
adui , many post wanna update ><
but some picture at my stupid hub phone..
so so so ,i want take from him :x
okkk le all friends.u all wait me ,wait me just wait me !! :x
sorry hor,i will update my post on this saturday :)

how u look ?my sis and me :D

how about this ?gime some comment.

that's me ;)at melaka .

at zoo negara ,omgg,tigerr !!

just some pic ,wait my next post .
next will be more exciting pic ;O
cool that.

this friday movie with my hub ;)
midnight movie , huhuu .
i miss my AJM hub .
u should stay by my mine ,cause i have a million things with u complete it .
don't doubt that u , AJM !
is he , my stupid hubby :)