Thursday, March 17


hehee .i'm awake morning guys.i update a short post here .now i at my hubby house now .because yesterday i stay my hub house.
i'm thinking next station want go where ?erhhh.. any idea ?omgg, he said he love me o.O hiek hiek hiek..i cannot upload our picha ..stpd usb at carr lo .lazy out for take ~.~ anyway , when i back my home i will upload our pic,okayyy, wait again @@ sorry guys ,upload my picture first ,view it . :)
what's wrong to my face ?

*wait me back,i'll continue update :)
*i'm back ,continue------

first , now i want update genting post :)cause i get the photo from my hub .last friday march15 , my hub proposed to genting,but ...we consider a long time ,finally...we went to genting.12am we start to go there ,but.we just go over there at 2am ,omgg@@cause we labyrinth ;(anyway .
so cold at there ,chui chui feng with hub , so sweet :)he hold my hand and walked ,sweet life.
after that,we find a starbucks shop and enjoy the starbucks :)here are the picture .
letf is mine , right is him geh :)
when i get this startbucks , my hand can feel that so hot :x ishh..

i and the startbucks .

that's me , ehh ?how u look for this ?

capture by hub aj :)

hey ,my handsome hub <3

sangat lenqzai right?wanna kao ?OMG ! so sorry,cannot :)he's mine x)
finish startbucks , about 4am we back home from genting .this day also stay at my hub house :)good good .
before back.

he is driving car lah !!

next post here .
yesterday march17 stay at my hub house also,good that,second day , when we wake up ,first thing , bath time :)hiek after finish bath when i come out i see my hub , stupid he ! playing fb sot game -.- i wanna kill him , he so bad, always smash other people thing's !! i hope tomorrow when he saw he's fb game ,he's thing also let people smashed .:D muhahahahhahahha , GOOD .

it's me

At night ,we(auntie,auntie's bf ,claudia,me and my hub) give a surprise to him sis's bf ,cause today he's birthday :)that time have funny things, i cannot stop the laugh !!omgg ,video at camera , cannot upload ;( anyway , happy birthday to him :)
we all enjoy the cake and chivas :) my hub and my face like an apple , lol .'
my crazy hubby :P
omgness !!

about 1am , i reach my home le , sweet home sweet lah  i love my hubby ,he's mine , my only one,seriously :)he said he love me o.O hehee,alright , i love my hub also ,in a few days , i and my hub needed a haircut ,wait my  new style hair ..and tomorrow movie with my hub .sleep times , good night all . 

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