Wednesday, March 16

omgg, wait me wait me , just wait me !!

are u see the tittle ? 
hiek hiek hiek 

omgg , my all friends , just wait me :)
wait me for ?
of course wait my genting&melaka&movie post .
adui , many post wanna update ><
but some picture at my stupid hub phone..
so so so ,i want take from him :x
okkk le all friends.u all wait me ,wait me just wait me !! :x
sorry hor,i will update my post on this saturday :)

how u look ?my sis and me :D

how about this ?gime some comment.

that's me ;)at melaka .

at zoo negara ,omgg,tigerr !!

just some pic ,wait my next post .
next will be more exciting pic ;O
cool that.

this friday movie with my hub ;)
midnight movie , huhuu .
i miss my AJM hub .
u should stay by my mine ,cause i have a million things with u complete it .
don't doubt that u , AJM !
is he , my stupid hubby :)

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